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1. CryptoGames Bitcoin Minesweeper –

Avoid the mines!


Recently CryptoGames published a cool new classic game revamped to a crypto age: Minesweeper! Now you can play a new crypto gambling version of this old classic. This is how the game looks on Crypto Games.

New provably fair BTC game Minesweeper on Crypto Games.

The gameplay goes like this:

  • Set your bet and the number of mines you would like to place on the minefield. You can choose between 1 to 24 mines. The more you choose, the higher your payout will be.
  • Start playing and click the squares…
  • Once you think you are done walking in the minefield, make the Cashout!
  • If you hit a mine, you are busted!

Well nothing can beat the old PC classic Minesweeper, but this CryptoGames version comes quite close!

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Windows game Minesweeper

The old classic Windows game: Minesweeper!

2. Diamond Poker at – A poker game with…diamonds!


Diamond Poker can be played at crypto casino.

To win, you must beat the dealers diamond combination. The best possible combination is 5 of a kind.

In Diamond Poker you must beat the dealer with your diamond “poker” hand!

Other hands follow the hands of a traditional poker game with hands like:

  • One pair
  • Two pairs
  • Three of a kind
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • And the special hand: five of a kind!

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3. FortuneJack Mines – Also avoid the mines and try not to blow up!


FortuneJack also has quite similar Bitcoin Minesweeper game like CryptoGames.

At the start of the Mines you have to choose your bet size and the number of mines. The maximum amount of mines is 24 and minimum 1. The more mine is hidden in the box, the higher is the value of each coin.

Mines game at FortuneJack.

Mines game at FortuneJack.

You are opening the boxes one by one and you can cash out the winning at any time. You can open boxes by random. Do you take one more box or not?

The house edge in Mines is only 1 %.

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4. Bitcoin dice with huge jackpots – Primedice


Primedice offers a quite familiar Bitcoin dice where you must guess if the roll is over or under a certain number. You can choose the difficulty – if you want to win bigger, you hit less often. And vice versa.

Primedice Bitcoin dice

Primedice Bitcoin dice with huge jacpots – usually over 100 BTC!

The gimmick however is the huge Bitcoin jackpot. When writing this (in August 2019) the dice jackpot is gigantic 112.86 BTC, which is about 1.2 million US dollars or 1.1 million Euros!

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5. Wheel game at – Provably fair wheel of fortune!


Wheel game can be played at crypto casino.

This is Wheel game at crypto casino.

The payouts of this traditional wheel of fortune game are as followed with the standard settings (medium risk and 30 segments):

  • If you hit the gray areas, you lose and the payout is 0x – Chance to hit 15/30
  • Green areas give a 1.50x payout – Chance 6/30
  • White area gives 1.70x payout – Chance 1/30
  • Yellow area gives 2.00x payout – Chance 6/30
  • Purple area gives 3.00x payout – Chance 1/30
  • Orange area gives 4.00x payout – Chance 1/30

You can alter the risk level from Low to Medium and even to High.

Low risk gives you more wins, but lower payouts. High risk gives you high rewards but less often.

You can also choose the segment count from 10 to 50. The standard is 30 and medium risk in this example above.

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6. CryptoSkull Bitcoin Minesweeper type game – Choose your route to the treasure!


CryptoSkull is a minesweeper-type Bitcoin and Litecoin game. There is only one game where you must find your way in the “minefield”. The main decision is that will you take the money or try one more time with a risk of going bust!

Cryptoskull gameplay

Here is a short explanation of Cryptoskull minesweeper-type gameplay. 1. Choose your route, 2. Go forward or take the money, 3. How far do you dare to?

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7. FortuneJack Adrenaline – Raise the heartbeat and try not to get busted!


Adrenaline is a BTC game where you must play with your greediness. At the start the heartbeat begins to grow. You have to decide whether to keep on holding and increasing your winnings – or withdrawing the bet at any time and grab the money.

This is Adrenaline at FortuneJack. In the picture the BPS is 2.91 which also marks your profit coefficient. Don't hold for too long and get busted...

This is Adrenaline at FortuneJack. In the picture the BPS is 2.91 which also marks your profit coefficient. Don’t hold for too long and get busted…

The heartbeat in BPS (beats per second) marks also your coefficient of your possible winnings. The house edge in Adrenaline is 2 %, which can be considered low.

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8. FortuneJack Plinko – Drop balls to the obstacle course!


In Plinko you can drop balls to the obstacle course. The obstacles change the direction of the balls and in the bottom you can see the bet multipliers.

Plinko game at FortuneJack.

Plinko game at FortuneJack.

You can adjust the risks of the game and choose 3 modes of game: Low risk, medium risk or high risk. The house edge in Plinko is only 1 %, which can be considered very low.

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9. DuckDice – Traditional Bitcoin dice game the Duck way


DuckDice Bitcoin dice is probably familiar to some of you. It works like this:

  1. Guess the random number from 0 to 9999
  2. Pick one: LOW – if you think the next roll will be smaller than the target number, displayed on the field
  3. HIGH – if you think the next roll will be greater than the target number.
  4. Choose bet amount
  5. The harder your result, the bigger your payout will be!
DuckDice dice game.

DuckDice provably fair dice game looks like this.

What is the Duck way? DuckDice offers also a lot of different silly promotions and bonuses, like Duck Hunt Interactive Game, Rain, Bitcoin faucet and daily wagering contests.

The house edge in this BTC game is only 1%, which is very low.

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10. CryptoGames Slot


Spin the reels and try to hit the jackpot!

This is the legendary Crypto Games slot game. Ugly - yes, but so cool, simple and fast! With jackpots too!

This is the legendary CryptoGames slot game. Ugly – yes, but so cool, simple and fast! With jackpots too!

CryptoGames slot game gives the following rewards with the bet size of 10 credits.

  • Any 4 same fruits – 100 credits
  • Any 5 same fruits – 1500 credits
  • 1 Bitcoin symbol – 11 credits
  • 2 Bitcoin symbols – 25 credits
  • 3 Bitcoin symbols – 70 credits
  • 4 Bitcoin symbols – 700 credits
  • 5 Bitcoin symbols – 10 000 credits (Jackpot!)

The CryptoGames slot game has a house edge of 1.97% which is very good in the category of slot games.

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11. Mines game at


Mines is a provably fair minesweeper-type game at crypto casino.

This is Mines at Here – busted!

The game works like this:

  • Reveal bombs to increase payout multiplier – without hitting them!
  • Cash out at any point to win at the last recorded multiplier.
  • If you hit a bomb – the game ends and your bet is lost.
  • If you increase the configured bomb amount, you will get bigger multipliers if you stay alive on the game.

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12. Bitcoin dice game at OneHash


OneHash Dice game is a classic Bitcoin dice. The game works like this:

  • Choose a number between 2 and 98
  • Decide if you want to bet the roll to be over or under that number
  • The harder your bet is, the bigger your payout will be if you hit

There is also an autobet feature and hotkeys if you want to play with a keyboard.

Bitcoin dice at OneHash.

Bitcoin dice game at OneHash.

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13. Hilo at – Can a Bitcoin game get more simple?


In Hilo game at you must guess if the next card is higher or lower than the previous.

This is Hilo game at Very simple for simple people.

For example here in the screenshot you can make a bet and then guess if the next card is:

  • The higher or same OR
  • Lower or same OR
  • Skip the card (no penalty on this)

If the choice is less probable you get higher winnings. If the card is for example a 3, the choice of lower or same gives you a high payout.

The game goes as long as you want to make a cashout. The more cards are revealed, the higher the payout will be. So once again – the choice is whether you take the next card (and risk of going bust) or take the cashout?

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14. Goals at OneHash


In the goals game you must shoot penalty shots to the goalie. The game goes like this in the novice mode:

  • Choose your bet amount
  • Choose where you want to shoot (3 options)
  • After each shot you can choose if you want to stay and take the bet or take a risk and shoot
  • The more you shoot, the more the profit goes up
Goals game

Do you cash out or shoot one more shot?

In the novice level the goalie will block one shot and 2 goes in. In pro level there are two choices and one wins and one gets busted.

The expert level is harder version of the novice level and the goalie is better skilled. But at the same time the profits go up also much faster if you are lucky.

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15. Moon game at OneHash


In the Moon game you must decide how close to the moon you dare to fly. The farther you hodl, the more the profit multiplier goes up.

But don’t hold too long as the space shuttle always crashes at some point!

Moon game.

Moon game.

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16. Simple provably fair Slots game at OneHash


Slots game is a classic 3-reel slot game with 1-3 lines to bet.

If you get three OneHash symbols you can win up to x1000 with a single roll. The OneHash symbol is also a wildcard. Full multiplier list can be seen from the rules button.

Press tutorial button for more info about all the features.

Onehash slots game.

Onehash slots game.

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